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By gdrsoprano, Jun 14 2016 08:29PM

Check out this review of my sngles

By gdrsoprano, May 18 2016 06:23PM

The interview mentioned in my last update has been posted on this classical music website Classissima.

Here's the link'rosario---interview/

By gdrsoprano, May 10 2016 05:20PM

Below is the link below to see the interview with "Meander - music & discovery".

It's my first interview, and I'd love to hear your thoughts; you can leave a message on the "Meander" site or here - just click on "comments" below to bring up the form.

You can also share this post on Twitter and Facebook.

Hope to hear from you soon.

Germaine x

By gdrsoprano, May 1 2016 05:41PM

Check out this site!

You can view and share all my videos.

The ratings for my singles are good, particularly "You'll Never Walk alone" which is at 94%.

Here's the link:'Rosario-Winter_Light_by_Germaine_D'Rosario/

By gdrsoprano, Mar 6 2016 12:23PM

This track is still doing well on #YouTube and is on a number of other #YouTube popular video lists.

It is currently number 6 on You Tube's 71 popurlar Alfredo Catalani videos!.

It's also on six other similar You Tube lists, which is great.

If you haven't watched this video yet, you can do by visiting the "video" page on this website or by clicking on the link below.

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Germaine D'Rosario